30 May

There are a variety of things that the small business owner can do to help their business achieve on the Internet. I am going to explain how to create a Google My Business Profile. This is pretty simple stuff, people are just DO NOT know how to utilize. First thing go to Google and search for Google My Business, Once you are on the page that offers you a chance to create your free business profile. From there you submit the details of your business. It would be very wise to go ahead and already have a Google My Business profile created for the social media side of your marketing campaign. If you have already created a Google My Business profile. Then a link on the left side of the page there is a home tab. Hover the mouse over the home tab and the rest of the bar will open up. Once you created your Places Listing, you will always be able to access through your Google My Business Page. Finally after you have created your listing, Google My Business will mail you a post card with a code. Once you receive the code in the mail,you go to your local places dashboard and submit.

Now getting your listing to rank on the first page is entirely on how your content is optimized and linked to all the right places. That is an entirely different monster that I will discuss at another time and post.I hope these small steps helped someone out. I just don't see paying someone when I can do it myself.

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