30 May

This will be a very basic and to the point instructions for minimizing your SKU's. At the same time I will explain on how to maximize traffic and conversions.

 First of all if your company is uploading to certain shopping networks such as Google Merchant,Amazon,Ebay. 

Each one is different in it's own different aspect. With Amazon and Google - Spread Sheet or .txt uploads are the best way to go. So I will explain this process first,the new business owner on the internet may not be familiar with this process and this will save endless amount of money and time. So first thing you need to convert what ever listings or sku's into a Microsoft XL sheet. 

Google Docs provide you with proper file to fill out with all the attributes that you will need to fill out. Now a shopping listing is the same thing as a snippet that can give you many different page returns for the way you have formatted your meta data. The content in all the listings have to specific to the product. The title,description,keywords must overlay at least 5 times. I am not saying to keyword stuff. The more detail you have that is different than the top  5 on the first pages of search that you yearn to be on. Now if you have multiple hundred or even thousand sku's that are there somewhere on the web. Take your top 20 products and focus on those first. If the configuration of the Google trusted sites badge into your store is a major plus for search results and conversions.The constant interaction with the sales that you have already, or a great promotion every week is another outstanding way to increase sales. I really only use ebay if I absolutely have to. Google and Amazon  are the way to go. Also it never hurts to blog every single product each week with a new price or deal. That way you are increasing your way to be found by the search engines. Also what this does is cut down on inventory cost and will free up space for the products that you do sell.The customer service with amazon and Google are superb. If you just can't figure out how to open a business seller account in amazon. Call the number or email them and they will walk you through every step of the account creation. I hope this helped someone out there on the wonderful world wide web.

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